Here is how it Works:  We (PBA) build your company an advertisement website (Separate from your own company website). We drive customers that are searching on the internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to the website. On the advertisement website we have a tracking phone number that is forwarded to your office phone or mobile number; so when someone calls the phone number on the website all calls go directly to you. There is no middle person taking your calls or receiving your leads. All calls that come in are recorded and reviewed once a week to figure what is and isn't a lead. With the call being recorded it makes it easy for you the business owner and PBA to verify what is and isn't a lead. You only pay for new leads we generate for you. A lead is considered a potential customer calling in asking your company about the services you provide. If a customer calls in 2 or more times its only considered a lead 1 time. If someone calls in for a service you don't provide then it is not a lead; simple as that. Our program allows you to listen to every call you receive. Just for the monitoring service alone you could pay $30-$75 per line from an outside source.

There is NO long term contract, everything is month to month. With pay per lead If we don't bring you new leads we don't get paid; simple as that. We invoice on a weekly basis; any leads you receive will be invoiced to you at the beginning of the next week. Look over the invoice, listen to the recorded calls, and if everything looks right send over payment. We just ask that you pay before Friday. Payments are made through PayPal; we never have your credit card on file and cannot charge your card without you sending payment.

Call us today for any questions or to review details. References available by satisfied customers.