Performance Based Advertising's pay per lead program is an exciting new way to advertise. We give our customers the opportunity to have a set cost per lead. Giving you, the customer; control over your money and peace of mind knowing your lead cost before ever spending a dollar.

Have you figured out what it costs to get a lead for your company? It could be anywhere from $20 to $500 just to get one person to call. Allow us to save you 25%-75% off your current advertising budget and increase your return on investment.

Have you ever signed up for advertisement and never got a single call? You're not alone; most advertisers want you to take all the risk. Advertisers charge you thousands of dollars up front without a guarantee that you will get a single call. Some online advertisers will charge you every time someone clicks on your website: if it is a previous customer, telemarketer, window shopper or even by mistake. In pay per click program someone clicks on your website it costs you $.05 to $20.00+ per click; but no guarantee a customer will contact you.

What Performance Based Advertising (PBA) does is flips traditional advertisement upside down! With pay per lead we take all the risk, do all the work up front and you only pay us when new customers contact you by either phone or email. All in coming calls are recorded and verified before being considered a lead. You only pay when a new customer contacts you!